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Deposit Accounts

A table with information about business deposit accounts.
 Regular CheckingSavingsMoney Market
Minimum Deposit$100$50$2,500
Receives InterestNoYesYes
Monthly Statements†YesNo*Yes
Quarterly StatementsNoYesNo
Minimum Balance$300**$50$2,500
Free Debits***4066
Regular Checking
Minimum Deposit$100
Receives InterestNo
Monthly Statements†Yes
Quarterly StatementsNo
Minimum Balance$300**
Free Debits***40
Minimum Deposit$50
Receives InterestYes
Monthly Statements†No*
Quarterly StatementsYes
Minimum Balance$50
Free Debits***6
Money Market
Minimum Deposit$2,500
Receives InterestYes
Monthly Statements†Yes
Quarterly StatementsNo
Minimum Balance$2,500
Free Debits***6

Certificates of Deposit

* Monthly Statements for Savings Accounts are provided only when there is EFT Activity.
† Statements include images of any cancelled checks.
** Must have an average daily balance of $300
*** Free Debits are only applicable per statement period.

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